Dragon Age

A night's rest
Ales in Eastvale

Session 1: Nov 01, 2014

Cyra An Diedre O Frosthold, Padraig, and Sithig Ar Grissold O Frosthold get out of the cold and wet of Ferelden’s early Autumn weather and warm themselves in the small quiet village of Eastvale.


  • The Avvars do not receive a warm welcoming by the villagers but one man, Callden the Blacksmith and village Sheriff, greet them.
  • Callden and Sister Eoni slip before the Avvars revealing a secret love interest between the two of Eastvale.
  • Cyra sways the local folk with her charms. She gets a local patron of the tavern to cover much of the Inn’s room fee and makes a fair bit of copper playing Avvar folk tunes on her lute [was it a lute? Aye, that would be a lute.].
  • Callden reveals he fought alongside some Avvars in the past but offered no further details.
  • Jorg the shopkeep begs Cyra and Sithig to aid him in rescuing his daughter from Rowen, the Witch of the Wild but the Avvars deny him.
  • The Avvars are eager to leave the town, following Jorg’s request and Jorg accosts them once more in the village square and pleads for their help but is again denied. He storms off to this shop and before the Avvars exit the town, bursts out in a monstrous shape. The creature that once was Jorg slays at least two villagers on his rampage, one of which returns to some form of life and joins the beast’s onslaught.
  • Sithig contemplates leaving the village to its fate but Cyra insists on stopping the creature. Callden enters the scene and joins in the fight. The creature is stopped before any further damage could be done but Sithig is heavily wounded.
  • Padraig proves himself a capable warrior, tearing the zombie villager assunder.
  • Callden sends for Rowen to heal Sithig’s wounds.
  • The party meet Sister Miri and perhaps while clouded by the wounds of battle, Sithig agrees to allowing her along with the party. Reverend Mother Valha officially releases Sister Miri as a missionary to travel with the Avvars though all agree that Sister Miri must care for herself along the way. Both Sister Miri and Reverend Mother Valha appear quite happy to be parting ways.
  • The Avvars learn of Rowen’s secret, that she is a “Witch of the woods”. Rowen hears of Cyra’s magic abilities and warns Cyra of how magic is viewed in Ferelden. Rowen also explains that she has Arndis safe and explains Arndis was hiding from her abusive and Dalish-hating father, Jorg. Arndis is pregnant with the child of Zarren the Dalish Hunter. Now that the two are safe, they plan to travel North-East to a Harvest festival. The Avvars have not yet met the two.
  • Cyra shares the details of her vision with Rowen in a conversation between only the Avvars and Rowen. The vision was one of souls of all races filling the spirit world. One peculiar aspect of the vision is the inclusion of the Qunari as they are a race unknown to Cyra though Rowen was able to identify their description. The Avvars plan to move towards Denerim as it is a location that hosts many races. Perhaps more sense of this vision will be made there.
  • Callden catches up with the Avvars moments before they depart. He noted a broken potion on the floor of the shop and found some additional unused potions which are recognized as healing and lyrium potions. He felt they would be best in the hands of the village’s saviors. Without the Avvar’s assistance, Callden is doubtful the village would have survived. On behalf of Eastvale, Callden thanks the heroes and promises they will always have a welcome stay at no cost.
  • The Avvars leave the village in haste following the events and head North towards Lothering.

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